TQ Midget Racers competing at Allentown –

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Thank you for your entry into the third annual Indoor Auto Races at Allentown’s PPL Center.  Please find information you will need for trailer parking and unloading at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA. It is much the same route used successfully last year. 

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If you forget to bring the below Trailer Parking and Unloading information with you to Allentown it will also be available on our web-site.


MARSHALLING YARD – All trailers must report to the bus lot at Dorney Park located off Hamilton Blvd.  This is a huge amusement park that will be closed for the season.

– Dorney Park is conveniently located off Route 78/PA 309 at Exit 54.
– When getting off the exit you will be headed North on Hamilton Blvd / US 222, the bus lot and Dorney Park are on on the Southbound side of the divided highway.
– Stay in the left lane and take the u-turn to get on the southbound side.
– We will have signs directing you into the bus lot from there.

For those using GPS the address for Dorney Park is 3830 Dorney Park Rd, Allentown, PA 18104

The lot at Dorney Park will be secured and under surveillance by the park’s security.   For early arrivals, it will be open on Thursday night at hours listed below. It will also be open for racers staying over on Saturday night since you must leave the building after the event is over.

The Dorney Park lot will be open at the following times.

Thursday, January 4th – 6pm – 11pm
Friday, January 5th – 6am – 12 noon
Saturday, January 6th – 7pm – 11 pm
Sunday, January 8 – 6am – 12 Noon

Starting at 9:45 am on Friday, January 5th we will start sending trailers from this Dorney Park Bus Lot to go to the arena to start unloading.   You will be given a numbered windshield placard when leaving this lot and must have it to be allowed to unload at the arena.  Anyone without that placard will be sent back to the lot.

– To get from the Dorney Park Bus Lot to the PPL Center you will once again make a U-Turn and get back on Hamilton Blvd / 222 Northbound.
– The PPL Center is located right off Hamilton Blvd.
– Follow Hamilton Blvd for approximately 4 miles until you reach 8th Street.
– Turn left on 8th Street, the PPL Center will be on your right.
Once on 8th Street you will be directed where to go to unload.

UNLOADING AT ARENA – All trailers will be unloaded on 8th Street.

– From the time you drop your trailer door you will have 10 minutes to unload your car, tires and all tools and parts that you wish you bring into the arena.

– During unloading you will need two people, someone to stay with your equipment and someone to stay with the truck and trailer.   Anyone that exceeds their time limit for unloading will be penalized first with practice time and then with time trial or heat race starting position.

– As soon, as you are done unloading, your truck and trailer will be sent to a parking lot 1/3 mile from the arena to be stored during the event.   We will have trucks available for you to use if you need to run back to the lot for spare engines or parts during the day.

We strongly encourage you to only bring what you need into the arena!

**** NEW THIS YEAR – All Tires Must Arrive Unwrapped***

– Fumes from tires are a serious issue in the garage with its low ceiling, additionally the area is shared with a hospital.  The fumes last year were noticeable and almost eliminated the Friday night portion of the event this year.

–  In consideration, all tires must arrive unwrapped or be left in your trailer.  All tires, except for the set of tires on the car must be store by the loading docks at track exit.  The tires will be release at a to be determined time that will be announced at the driver’s meeting.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in this matter.

While the tires are stored in the loading dock area, they may be covered, but not wrapped.


·      After unloading your equipment follow 8th street down to Turner Street
·      Make a right onto Turner Street and proceed to 7th street (next light)
·      Make a right onto 7th street and continue until you reach Union street
·      Make a left onto Union street which turns into Lehigh Street
·      The lot will be on your left at 265 Lehigh Street


SHUTTLE – We will be running a vehicle back and forth to return you the PPL Center. It will also be available during the event if you need something from your trailer. Check with official Jimmy Wilson in the fueling/ tire grinding area if you need a ride.

WALKING BACK TO PPL CENTER – It is a 1/2 mile back to the arena if you choose to walk. 
• Exit the parking lot on to Lehigh Street heading North
• Walk to Union Street and turn left
• Turn Right onto 7th Street (The Arena is on this Street)
– Walk straight towards the monument and then turn down Hamilton and walk along side the building to 8th avenue and turn right.
– The entrance to the pit area is 8th Street where you unloaded.

DRIVING BACK TO PPL CENTER – Because of one-way streets you cannot return the same way you came.
• Make a left to exit the parking lot on to 5th Street heading North (Exit is on the east side of the lot)
• Turn left onto Union Street
• Make a right onto 8th Street.
• Go straight for two blocks and the loading zone will be on your right

(Please follow the police officers directions as there will be a lot of extra car and foot traffic around downtown)


– You will leave your trailer at the Lehigh Street lot over night on Friday. At the conclusion of the event on Saturday, you will once again be marshalled back to the arena to load up.


All pit parking spots will be 7 x 10 foot. In this area you must be able to put all of your equipment. Please do not bring a pit box larger than the parking spot. It will not be permitted. Please work with us on this one.

Food and beverage will be available starting early on Friday on the concourse. As is the case at other facilities, you will be limited in what you can bring into the building and any form of alcohol will not be permitted in the garage area at any time. These are building regulations that must be met.

During afternoon practice you’ll be limited to where you can watch from on the concourse as you were last year. Once the building is open to the public, all tickets are reserved. We have pulled sections 201 and 202 for those with pit passes. You’ll also be allowed in standing room areas.

Pit passes will be available on Friday and Saturday starting at 9:30 am. Before you move your car and tools off the street into the parking garage, please go to sign in trailer and get your pit pass. The sign in trailer will be located off of 8th street where you unloaded. You will not be allowed into the garage area until you have a pass.

The fire marshall is limiting the number allowed in the pit area, if the number is reached we will be forced to shut off sales.   We do not anticipate this happening, if at all until Saturday afternoon.   It’s not something we want to do, but the fire marshall is stern on limiting the people in this area..

For safety reasons, no one under the age of 14 will be permitted in the pit area.

TQ Midgets & Champ Karts

10am  GarageOpens
10:30am  Inspection Begins (Fueling Begins) 
12pm  Draw Opens for Time Trials
12pm  Drivers Meeting
2-3:45pm Practice Begins: Order for Practice
TQ (Tires Out), Champ Karts (Tires Out), 
TQ (Tires Out), Champ Kart (Tires In), 
TQ (Tires In) 
6:00pm  Doors open for Public
6:05pm  TQ Midget Time Trials – 2 Laps
7:30pm  Racing Begins – 60 TQs / 30 Champ Karts
(3) Champ Kart Heats – 10 Cars, 8 Laps – 5 Qualify 
(6) TQ Heat Races – 10 Cars, 10 Laps – 3 Qualify
      – Top 15 inverted / Fast Time starts 3.
Champ Kart B-Main – 15 Cars, 10 Laps – 5 Qualify (3) 
TQ B-Mains – 18 Cars, 12 Laps – 2 Qualify
     – Fastest non-qualified cars from each start on front row.
    (Example B-Main #1 – Fastest from heat 1 pole / heat 2       
    second – Rest of line-up heads up from heat races.
Intermission – TQ Feature Re-Draw 6 Heat Winners
Champ Kart Feature – 20 Cars, 20 Laps
TQ A-Main – 24 Cars, 40 Laps – 
     Winner Locked Into Saturday Dash

TQ Midgets & Slingshots

10am  GarageOpens
11am  Inspection Begins (Fueling Begins) 
12pm Draw Opens for Slingshot Heats 
12pm Drivers Meeting
1pm  Practice Begins: Order for Practice
Slingshots (Tires In), TQ (Tires Out), 
Slingshots (Tires In), TQ (Tires In).
3:45pm  Prepare Track for Fanfest
5:00pm  Doors Open for Public –
5:30pm  FANFEST on Track
7:00pm  Racing Begins – 60 TQs / 30 Slingshots
(5) TQ Heat Races – 12 Cars, 10 Laps – 2 Qualify
     – Top 3 to A-Main / 4, 5, 6 to B-Main / 
       7, 8, 9 to C-Main / 10, 11, 12 – D-Main
(3) Slingshot Heats – 10 Cars, 8 Laps – 5 Qualify
TQ D-Main – 15 Cars, 10 Laps – 5 Qualify to C-Main
Slingshot B-Main – 15 Cars, 10 Laps – 5 Qualify
TQ C-Main – 20 Cars, 10 Laps – 5 Qualifying to B-Main
TQ Dash – 6 Cars, 5 Laps – Heat Winners / Friday Winner      
      – Determine Line-Up for A-Main 
TQ B-Main – 20 Cars, 10 Laps – 8 Qualifying to A-Main
Slingshot Feature – 20 Cars, 20 Laps
TQ A-Main – 24 Cars, 40 Laps

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