Hoosier Becomes Exclusive Tire Provider For LSP TQ Indoor Series

719_LSP-Hoosier (1)TRENTON, NJ – Len Sammons Motorsports is proud to announce that is has signed a multi-year contract with Hoosier Tires to be the exclusive tire provider for the TQ Midgets during their Indoor Racing Series for the next three seasons,

“We are excited to partner with Hoosier Tires as the exclusive tire provider for our TQ Midgets,” stated series promoter Len Sammons. “I really feel this is a win, win deal for all our competitors. The rule will put everyone on a level playing field, eliminate supply issues and most importantly save the racers money.”

As part of the agreement, all TQ Midget competitors will be required to run Hoosier Tires on all four corners starting with the second running of the Battle Of Trenton Indoor Race to be held December 19 and 20 at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, N.J and the 13th Annual Atlantic City Indoor Race to be held January 30 and 31 at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ,

“Our entire group at Hoosier and Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic (HTMA) are thrilled to be a even bigger part of the growing LSM events in our region,” said HTMA’s Bob Wirts. ”We are excited to bring a competitive, durable, and affordable ten and thirteen inch tire to indoor racing market for the next several years.”

As part of a comprehensive program of incentives, the 20142015 Indoor Series champion will receive a minimum of $2,000 for winning the title. Additional cash awards will be paid to other top performers in the overall point standings. Full details on the point fund will be released at a later date,

“One of the most exciting parts of our agreement with Hoosier Tire, is that we were able to reduce the price of the tires from past years,” said Sammons. “Tire cost is one of the largest expenses for any race team and under this agreement our teams should save between $50 and $100 per set of tires.”

For all competitiors on 10” or 13” tires, right rear tires will cost $125, while left front, right front and left rear tires will cost only $115.  Racers will have the option of two compounds for the right rear tire, an HIN3 and a harder HIN4. The allowed compound choices will be designated on the remaining three corners,

Required Tires: (RR) 9.0/22.0-13 – HIN3, HIN4; (LR, LF, RF) 7.0/20.5-13 – HIN2; (RR) 10.0/19.0-10 HIN3, HIN4; (LR-RFLF) 8.0/18.0-10 HIN3; (LR-RF-LF) 6.0/18.0-10 – HIN2,

Unused tires from past events will be allowed for practice at all events. However, the new tires which will carry a ‘HIN’ designation, will be required for all official events starting with TQ Midget time trials on Friday night in Trenton,

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic (HTMA) has been designated as the exclusive tire distributor for the Len Sammons Indoor Series events,

As we move closer to the events, Hoosier will hold an informational seminar to bring all the competitors up to speed on the new tire program and also all the details of when tires will come available,

Tires will be available in advance of events by calling 410-8332061. HTMA and Hoosier Tires will also provide at track technical support and sales assistance,

Additional rule information for the TQ Midgets will be available in the coming weeks,

For more information on the Battle of Trenton Indoor Race or the Atlantic City Indoor Race, contact Len Sammons Productions at 609-888-3618 or visit them online at www.aarn.com

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