We have received several inquiries about injuries sustained both in Atlantic City and Allentown in the TQ Midget division. Driver safety has and always will be of the utmost importance to us.

After speaking with the New Jersey State Police, who were on site during the events in Atlantic City and have investigated all of the crashes with our safety team. We have had four very different accidents, with four very different causes.

Two of the injuries could have been prevented by simple actions by the driver’s involved. Make sure your seat belts are tight when you are on the track and you have proper head clearance.

The third is a common racing injury in which more studies and information need to be gathered to understand, not just for our purposes but racing in general.

However, the New Jersey State Police is strongly considering mandating the use of a full containment headrest for all open cockpit race cars in the very near future. Bolting on a headrest system to an existing seat will be acceptable.

For our next event in Albany, we will not be requiring any mandatory changes to the cars.

However, we will strongly suggest anyone that does not have a full containment headrest system, to get one or have safety nets to limit the driver’s head movement from side to side. Safety nets are relatively inexpensive and simple to install.

Additionally, the adding high-density roll bar padding anywhere, where the head could possibly make contact.

The TQ Midgets have a long track record of being extremely safe cars.

Anyone that has any questions, please feel free to contact us at 609-888-3618 or via e-mail at danny@aarn.com.

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