Atlantic City Racers Information

AC Racers –
With the event now just one week away, we wanted to send an e-mail with an updated schedule and information for the event.   A complete and updated schedule is attached to this e-mail and will be posted online.
We have had many people inquire about early parking on Wednesday.   Parking will be open from 2pm to 6pm on Wednesday.
Please, do not arrive earlier than 2pm, we will not park a trailer and are not staffed to park trailers until 2pm.   The roll-up door will be closed at 6pm and powered down for the night, anyone arriving after that time will need to find a place in town to park their trailer.
On Thursday morning the garage will open at 9am for trailer parking and be open all day and night.   Practice starts at 5pm and will run continuously until 10pm.
For Thursday’s practice, we have changed the format, rather than charging $50 per car, it will be included with your pit pass.
The schedule will be Slingshots, Champ Karts and then we will open the track for TQ Midgets for a designated time period.   We used this practice format on Saturday in Allentown and felt it worked really well, so we are bringing the format to Thursday night in Atlantic City.
The practice runs for 5 hours.  Depended on particiaption, this would mean 4-5 rounds of practice with the tires moving to varying locations throughout.   The more cars that make laps and work with us the better the race track will be the rest of the weekend.
Friday and Saturday night’s schedule is very similar to year’s past.
We will be running a TQ Non-Qualifiers race to open the program on Friday night.  The list of drivers eligible will be posted in advance of the event.   It will be open to all drivers who failed to qualify both nights in Allentown.
Bring your own chemicals!   Starting in Atlantic City we will no longer be supplying the Simple Green or Windex for you to grind your tires.
Many racers have different opinions on which product to use and how much it should be diluted.    With our tire sampling procedures in place we feel confident that we will catch anyone who deviates from approved products.
It has been proven that Simple Green, Windex or Windshield washer fluid will not affect tire sampling.   We would strongly suggest that they are the only products used….
We will bring all our remaining product to Atlantic City, but will not refill them once the supplies are exhausted.
The fire marshall is very active and will be around to check for the following items and then some.
• No Fuel in trailers.  Racing gas, regular gas  or diesel.
• No propane tanks.
• No welding in the building.
• No grinding in the building.
• No smoking in the building.
• No alcohol allowed in the pit area at anytime by New Jersey state law..
• Do not dump oil or poor down the drains any where.
• Respect the building and leave it as you receive it.
BRING EXTENSION CORDS.   Electric for your trailers is provided, but the closest receptacle may be several trailers away.
All trailers will enter the building into West Hall.  The entrance to West Hall is off of Pacific avenue, on the corner of Pacific avenue.
You will turn left off Pacific and drive up the loading dock entrance.  The AC Deli and Food Mart will be on your right hand side when turning left.
Once parked on Friday all crew members will need to go to the Pit Registration Trailer, located at the Boardwalk entrance of the building to get a pit pass.   This will be the entrance you have to use the rest of the weekend.
Anyone staying at the many casinos or hotels on the Boardwalk Hall can leave their trailer and tow vehicle in the building and walk back and forth to the hotel each morning.
All trailers must be removed from the building by 12 noon on Sunday.
There is no minimum age to purchase a pit area with access to the Garage Area.  Anyone under 16 years of age will need to fill out a minors release form and will not be allowed in the “hot” pit area.    Pit pass pricing will be $80 for the weekend / $70 for Friday/Saturday and $50 just for Saturday.
Grandstand tickets are available at the Boardwalk Hall box office throughout the event.   Pit pass holders get access to the upper level general admission seating.  The lower level in Atlantic City is reserved seating only.

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