Friday Night East Coast Dirt Nationals A-Main Qualifiers Won By Briggs Danner, Zack Bealer, Eddie Strada & Tim Buckwalter

Trenton, NJ (Fri.) – Briggs Danner, Zack Bealer, Eddie Strada, and Tim Buckwalter were the four winners of the $1,000-to-win 20-lap Turp Coates Law of Hightstown, NJ-sponsored A-Main Qualifier races on Night One of the two-day BELFOR Property Restoration sponsored East Coast Indoor Dirt Nationals in Trenton, NJ’s Cure Insurance Arena.

Danner dominated the first Qualifier. “The car was great early in the race and fell off a little toward the end. But I was still able to take the win,” Danner offered. Scott Kreutter and Steven Snyder, Jr. also qualified for Saturday’s race by finishing second and third.

Bealer outran Billy Pauch, Jr. and Tyler Ulrich in the second Qualifier. “I was able to take advantage on the restarts. Never lost a spot I gained,” Bealer explained of his winning ride.

Strada won the third Qualifier with Marty Brian and JT Bierman second and third. Strada led all the way. “I honestly don’t like starting on the pole, but I was able to make it work,” Strada confided.

Buckwalter led all the way to win the fourth 20-lap Qualifier. “Starting up front helped for sure,” Buckwalter said. Alex Bright charged from as far back as sixth to finish second. Connor Gross was third.

Nine 12-lap heat races preceded the four Turp Coates Law of Hightstown, NJ A-Main Qualifiers. Winners included Scott Kreutter, Briggs Danner, Eddie Strada, Kyle Spence, Zach Bealer, Alex Bright, Marty Brian, Aidan Borden, and Adrianna Dellaponte. Colin White escaped injury in a wild flip early in the sixth heat race.

The top 60 in heat race points, finishing positions with the addition of passing points, advanced to the four 20-lap A-Main qualifiers.

Finishing positions and passing points from Friday will then set the line-ups for Saturday’s events, sponsored by Custom Built Products, for the remainder of the drivers who failed to finish in the top three on night one.

The drivers with the least points will begin Saturday’s program, which begins at 6 PM, in one of two E-Mains that transfer the top four to the back of those assigned to the D-Main. This process continues with each letter until the top six finishers in each B-Main fill out the field for Saturday night’s 24-car A-Main.

Saturday’s Indoor Dirt Nationals Tickets are available at the CURE Insurance Arena Box Office or online at

For those who cannot attend, the event will be available on DTD Pay-Per-View for $39.99 Saturday.

First Friday Qualifier (20 Laps): 1. Briggs Danner, 2. Scott Kreutter, 3. Steven Snyder, 4. Kenny Miller III, 5. Adrianna Dellaponti, 6. Pat Bealer, 7. Jackson White, 8. Olivia Haworth, 9. Sean Case, 10. Mark Wiggett, 11. Brandon Pavel, 12. Johnny Smith, 13. Jason Muldowney, 14 Sammy Martz, 15. Jon Keller.

Second Friday Qualifier (20 Laps): 1. Zach Bealer, 2. Billy Pauch Jr., 3. Tyler Ulrich, 4. Chris Allen, 5. Billy Koch, 6. Adam Bracall, 7. Kyle Spence, 8. JT Ferry, 9. Tyler Brehm, 10. Tyler Thompson, 11. Nate Smith, 12. Morgan Rochelle Bealer, 13. Wayne Scott, 14. Tyler Lindsay, 15. Gary Bozowski.

Third Friday Qualifier (20 Laps): 1. Eddie Strada, 2. Marty Brian, 3. JT Bierman, 4. Cody West, 5. Rob Pajauls, 6. Jimmy Glenn, 7. Christian Bruno, 8. Mason Peters, 9. Caiden Herbert, 10. Dan Lane, 11. Eddie Mort, 12. Danny Buccafusca, 13. Pat Hires, 14. Chase Cabre, 15. Josh Conover.

Fourth Friday Qualifier (20 Laps): 1. Tim Buckwalter, 2. Alex Bright, 3. Connor Gross, 4. PJ Williams, 5. Kyle Lick, 6. Cliff Brian Jr., 7. Billy Covert, 8. Dan Robinson, 9. Georden Marrero, 10. Todd Davis, 11. Aidan Borden, 12. Bubba Hughes, 13. Justin Burr, 14. Bob Hentschel, 15. Jesse Maurer.



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