Jankowiak Sets Blistering Pace in Practice at NAPA Auto Parts Atlantic City Indoor Races

Atlantic City, NJ (JANUARY 25, 2024) – The anticipation for the NAPA Auto Parts Atlantic City Indoor Races escalated Thursday Night during a thrilling practice session at the Jim Whelen Boardwalk Hall. Two-time Gambler’s Classic champion Andy Jankowiak, of Tonawanda, NY, showcased his formidable skills, topping the charts in four of the five practice rounds, setting a high bar for the weekend’s competitions.

Unofficial Record-Breaking Runs by Jankowiak
Jankowiak’s performance was nothing short of exceptional, with his fastest laps clocking in at 7.868 and 7.911 seconds in Practice 1 and Practice 4, respectively. These times are notably faster than the existing track record – however, tonight’s times were not under official timing and scoring competition. His other leading times were 7.999 in Practice 2 and 7.992 in Practice 5, underscoring his status as a formidable competitor for this weekend’s events.

Danner’s Impressive Showing
Briggs Danner, of Allentown, PA, also made a significant impact in the practice sessions, especially in the third round where he recorded a top time of 8.139 seconds. Danner’s performance adds an intriguing dynamic to the race, indicating a highly competitive field for the upcoming events.

Anticipation Builds for Black Jack 21 and Gambler’s Classic
The stage is now set for an electrifying weekend of racing. The debut of the Blackjack 21 event on Friday promises innovative and intense competition, followed by the prestigious 22nd Gambler’s Classic on Saturday.

In addition to the TQ Midgets’ practice, the Slingshots and Champ Karts also took to the track, delivering their unique brand of high-energy action. Paul Hartwig III, of Galloway, NJ, stood out in the Slingshots category, clocking the fastest overall time of 9.631 seconds and leading two of the five sessions. Dylan Hoch and Scott Neary also showed impressive pace, leading the other Slingshot sessions.

In the Champ Kart division, TJ Reed, of Carlisle, PA, set a remarkable pace with the fastest time in two of the five sessions, recording a swift 9.054 seconds. The remaining sessions saw Seth Whitney, Dalton Rivera, and Todd Crenshaw at the forefront, showcasing the depth of talent and competitiveness in these exciting racing categories. These practice rounds hint at the intense and diverse racing action expected throughout the NAPA Auto Parts Atlantic City Indoor Races weekend.

Ticket Availability for the Racing Weekend Racing enthusiasts are encouraged to secure their tickets to witness these thrilling events at the Jim Whelen Boardwalk Hall Box Office or via Ticketmaster. This weekend is poised to be a memorable showcase of top-tier indoor auto racing.

For additional details on the Indoor Auto Racing Championship and the NAPA Auto Parts Atlantic CIty Indoor Races visit visit www.indoorautoracing.com

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