Jankowiak Wins Fourth Gambler’s Classic After Leaders Flores And VanDoren Tangle; Flores Still Earns Indoor Auto Racing Series Title; Crisafulli, Bieber, Lick Take Support Class Wins

Atlantic City, NJ (Sat., Jan. 27, 2024) – In a stunning twist at Atlantic City’s historic Boardwalk Hall, Andy Jankowiak of Tonawanda, NY, capitalized on a pivotal moment during the 40-lap TQ Midget race to claim his fourth Gambler’s Classic.

An unexpected tangle involving race leader, Ryan Flores and second-place contender Tanner VanDoren dramatically altered the race’s complexion, relegating both to the back of the field – Flores via a spin and VanDoren by penalty for assisting.

Jankowiak, seizing the opportunity, navigated the final laps flawlessly under a green-white-checkered finish to clinch a remarkable victory. This climactic ending was the culmination of a race filled with intense duels and shifting fortunes, especially notable after Jankowiak had earlier lost ground on a restart.

“When I dropped back to fourth around halfway, I thought, what the hell, I screwed up my race,” Jankowiak said. “I didn’t care anymore. I kind of bided my time in lapped traffic, and kept the leaders in sight. I kind of thought something might happen between the two guys in front of me. And it did,” Jankowiak said, about his record-tying fourth Gambler’s Classic win, a victory worth $5,000.

Andy J leads the field in the 40-Lap Gambler’s Classic (Pete MacDonald Photo)


Matt Janisch set the pace by leading the initial seven laps of the main event. The dynamic of the race shifted when momentum then swung to Andy Jankowiak, who surged to the front, maintaining his lead until lap 26.

It was then Tommy Catalano’s turn to take the spotlight, overtaking Jankowiak on the 27th lap. This lead change was swiftly followed by Ryan Flores and Tanner VanDoren both moving ahead of Jankowiak. The race’s tempo intensified as Flores and VanDoren edged past Catalano for the leading positions three laps later.

Catalano’s race would end, just moments before the pivotal incident involving Flores and VanDoren. Opening the door for Jankowiak to reclaim the lead and ultimately secure a victory.

The late race shuffle elevated Kyle Lick to second, Briggs Danner to third, early-leader Matt Janisch rebounded to fourth, and Joey Bailey was a solid fifth.

By finishing ahead of VanDoren, Ryan Flores emerged as the 2024 Indoor Auto Racing Champion, earning the prestigious TC Cup Trophy, named in honor of legendary TQ midget racer Ted Christopher.  This marked Flores’ second Indoor Auto Racing Championship.

Before the Gambler’s Classic, Andy Jankowiak (8.037 seconds) set fast time in the TQs. Jankowiak, Tanner VanDoren, Matt Janisch, Tommy Catalano, Anthony Sesely, and Trevor Catalano won the six heat races.

Special Awards were presented to deserving recipients during Fan Fest which preceded Saturday night racing action. The $393.93 TQ Midget Larry Michaels Fast Time Award, presented by Ray McCabe was won by Andy Jankowiak. The $200 TQ Midget Tony Romit Second Fast Time award, presented by Dr. William Lowe, was won by was won by Tanner VanDoren.

The $555.55 Doug Craig Hard Charger of The TQ Gamblers Classic, presented by PennNY TQ Midgets and Ray McCabe was earned by Tim Buckwalter.  Buckwalter started the Gambler’s Classic 25th and finished 11th to earn the prize. The $200 Best Appearing TQ Midget Walt Chernokal Memorial Award sponsored by Dave Adams and Ray McCabe was won by the No. 39 Jeremy Haudricourt team.

The $200 Bruce Kindberg Best Engineered Car Award sponsored by Dave Adams and Ray McCabe was earned by Jeff Ulrich and Ricky Kluth, designers of the No. 44 TQ Midgets driven by Anthony Sesely and Tanner VanDoren.

 The 25-lap Boardwalk Hall Champ Kart feature was won by Logan Crisafulli for the second year in a row. Todd Crenshaw, who had won the two Allentown Indoor Champ Kart feature races this year, finished second in the race and was crowned 2024 Indoor Auto Racing Series champion. Milton Decker, Preston DeMello and Ryan Kendall completed the top five feature finishers.

The Slingshots ran a 25-lap feature with Brett Bieber taking the checkered flag.  Scott Neary was the race runner up and was named the Indoor Auto Racing Series 2024 season champion.  Dylan Hoch, Danny Spellmon and Chris Laureigh completed the top five in the race.

 Dirt 600 Micro Sprints were on the Saturday night event schedule as well, running a 20-lap main event. TQ Midget stalwarts Kyle Lick and Tim Buckwalter finished first and second in the feature. Kyle Spence finished third.

 Gambler’s Classic TQ Midget Feature (40 Laps): 1. Andy Jankowiak, 2. Kyle Lick, 3. Briggs Danner, 4. Matt Janisch, 5. Joey Bailey, 6. Trevor Catalano, 7. Andrew Molleur, 8. Matt Swanson, 9. Scott Kreutter, 10. Bobby Holmes, 11. Tim Buckwalter, 12. Billy Pauch, Jr., 13. Ryan Flores, 14. Jonathan Reid, 15. Tanner VanDoren, 16. Anthony Payne, 17. Ryan Smith, 18. Jeremy Haudricourt, 19. Ryan Bartlett, 20. Tyler Lindsay, 21. Ryan Tidman, 22. Tommy Catalano, 23. Shawn Nye, 24. Tyler Thompson, 25. Mike Christopher, 26. Anthony Sesely,

Dirt 600 Micro Sprint Feature (20 Laps): 1. Kyle Lick, 2. Tim Buckwalter, 3. Kyle Spence, 4. Tyler Lindsay, 5. Matt Chowns, 6. Amanda Onimus.

Slingshot A Main (25 Laps): 1. Brett Bieber, 2. Scott Neary, 3. Dylan Hoch, 4. Danny Spellmon, 5. Chris Laureigh, 6. James Benz, 7. Simon Egan, 8. Michael Lapicki, 9. Matthew Mertz, 10. Cody Kline, 11. Brett Putnam, 12. Tyler Ulsh, 13. PJ Bozowski, 14. Alex Reinsmith, 15. Austin Kroboth, 16. Paul Hartwig III, 17. Mark Mohr, 18. Alex Lizotte, 19. Charlene Benz, 20. Bob Miller, 21. Cody Bleau, 22. AJ Holland, 23. Chase Moran, 24. Louden Reimert.

Champ Kart Feature (25 Laps): 1. Logan Crisafulli, 2. Todd Crenshaw, 3. Milton Decker, 4. Preston DeMello, 5. Ryan Kendall, 6. Brandon Tiezzi, 7. Mike Perry, 8. Chase Keister, 9. Dustin Gagne, 10. Tanner Emmons, 11. Doug Stearly, 12. Dylan Dismoor, 13. TJ Reed, 14. Quentin Graham, Jr., 15. Max Pfeifer, 16. Ryan Borges, 17. Seth Whitney, 18. Dylan Feltman, 19. Tyler Brown, 20. Josh Patterson, 21. Joey Bruening, 22. Dalton Rovira, 23. Alex Gross, 24. Missy Bootes.

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