Ryan Flores Cruises To NAPA KNOW HOW Gambler’s Classic Victory In Atlantic City, Outruns Tim Buckwalter & Briggs Danner To Score Second Straight Indoor Auto Racing Series Win; Dan Marsden, Jared Silfee Are Champ Kart, Slingshot Victors

Atlantic City, NJ (Sat.) –  Ryan Flores took advantage of a crash 25 laps into the TQ Midget NAPA KNOW HOW Gambler’s Classic 40-lap feature Saturday night that took out leaders Erick Rudolph and Andy Jankowiak, then held off a late-race bid on the final lap of the race by Tim Buckwalter to win his second straight Indoor Auto Racing Series win of 2022 and his second career Gambler’s Classic. Flores’ first Classic win was in 2018.

Flores was running third behind the two leaders when a battle for the top spot ended with Jankowiak and Rudolph spinning. Rudolph, who stopped, restarted at the back of the field while Jankowiak, who did not, was penalized and sent to the rear for his role in the accident

That opened the door for Flores who still had to fend off challenges from Tim Buckwalter, Briggs Danner, Matt Janisch, and Rudolph who completed the top five.  Janisch’s march from 25th at the start earned him Hard Charger recognition in the race.

Scott Kreutter, Joey Bailey, Ryan Bartlett, Tyler Thompson, and Mike Bednar, who started 23rd, comprised the top ten.


First-time Champ Kart entrant Dan Marsden beat Logan Crisafulli, Mike Perry, Jon Keister, and Todd Crenshaw to win the 25-lap Champ Kart feature while Brett Bieber, Jared Silfee, and Scott Nearly were the top three in the 25-lap Slingshot feature. The trio duplicated their exact efforts in the Indoor Auto Racing Series opener in Allentown, PA January 8.

 The Indoor Auto Racing series now moves to its finale on Friday and Saturday, March 11-12, 2022 in Syracuse, NY. Series champions in all three classes will be named after the events.

The Boardwalk Hall events were run off as scheduled with a large and enthusiastic crowd on hand despite a winter storm that made travel difficult.

NAPA KNOW HOW Gambler’s Classic TQ Feature (40 Laps):  1. Ryan Flores, 2. Tim Buckwalter, 3. Briggs Danner, 4. Matt Janisch, 5. Erick Rudolph, 6. Scott Kreutter, 7. Joey Bailey, 8.  Ryan Bartlett, 9. Tyler Thompson, 10. Mike Bednar, 11. Matt Roselli, 12.  Andy Jankowiak, 13. Tommy Catalano. 14. Andrew Nye, 15. Max McLaughlin, 16. Andrew Molleur, 17. Ryan Susice, 18. Anthony Sesely, 19. Tommy Catalano, 20. Kyle Lick, 21. Shawn Nye, 23. Mike Christopher, 24. Tyler Wagner, 25. Tyler Lindsay, 26. Tim Iulg.

Champ Kart Feature (25 Laps): 1. Dan Marsden, 2. Logan Crisafulli, 3. Mike Perry, 4. Jon Keister, 5. Todd Crenshaw, 6. Doug Stearly, 7. DJ Shaw. 8. Cole Neibert, 9.  Jordan Krug, 10. Tyler Brown, 11. Dustin Gagne, 12. DJ Doyle, 13. Nick Janvrin, 14. Dan Kapusinski, 15. Max Pfeifer, 16. Anthony Colandro, 17. Missy Bootes, 18. Seth Whitney, 19. TJ Reed, 20. James Shutts, 21. Dylan Dismoor. DQ: Chase Keister, Sean Glennon, Eric Zeh.

Slingshot Feature (25 Laps): 1. Brett Bieber, 2. Jared Silfee, 3. Scott Neary, 4. Matt Mertz, 5. Danny Buccafusca, 6. Louden Reimert, 7. Mike Lipicki, 8 James Benz, 9. Brett Putnam, 10. Bryan Preville, 11. Cody Bleau, 12. Cody Kline, 13. Alex Reinsmith, 14. Tyler Ulsh, 15. Mark Mohr, 16. Brian Smith, 17. Ryan Raidline, 18. AJ Gerhart, 19. Morgan Rochelle-Bealer, 20. Chris Durrow, 21. Chase Bixler. 22. John Heberling, 23. Nick Shaw, 24. Kyle Herve.

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