The ‘Briggs And Bright’ Show Comes Indoors Feb. 24-25 – Trenton, NJ

The ‘Briggs And Bright’ Show Comes Indoors Feb. 24-25 – Trenton, NJ;  Top Two USAC East Coast Sprint Drivers To Compete In East Coast Dirt Nationals In Trenton, NJ

Trenton, NJ – Briggs Danner and Alex Bright, two incredibly young and talented  Pennsylvanians, are among the entries in the upcoming East Coast Indoor Dirt Nationals event Feb. 24-25, 2023.

After a two-year hiatus, the East Coast Indoor Racing Dirt Nationals is returning to the CURE Insurance Arena in Trenton NJ.  With the entry list for the BELFOR Property Restoration sponsored event now over 80 drivers and a capacity due space limitations, a sell out on entries appears likely.

Over the past two seasons, Danner, of Allentown, PA, and  Bright, of Collegeville, PA, have run first and second in the USAC East Coast Sprint Series standings.    In 2022, it was Danner who had the upper hand with 12 wins on his way to the series title by 131 points over Bright.

In 2021 it was Bright who came out on top, scoring 11 wins to Danner’s 9 wins and the series title by 140 points.  The duo will kick off their 2023 season head to head in Trenton on February 24 and 25.

Danner will suit up in a Micro owned by Dave Bodine.  Bright will be part of a three-car team owned by Bob Hummer, Jr. with Billy Pauch, Jr. of Frenchtown, NJ and Kyle Spence of Bear, DE as his teammates.

Danner was in contention for victories at all three Indoor Auto Racing Series’ ‘Concrete Series’ races held in Allentown, PA and Atlantic City, NJ.     Joining Danner as drivers who competed on both the concrete and dirt indoor circuit are 2022 Indoor Series champion Scott Kreutter, Kyle Lick, Tim Buckwalter, Tyler Lindsay and Tyler Thompson.

Turp Coates Law of Hightstown, NJ has come aboard with Indoor Auto Racing Series to fatten the pot for Friday night’s racing in a big way. Thanks to the law firm support, the four winning drivers of Friday night A-Qualifiers will receive $1,000, double the usual amount.

Friday night’s program will feature the field split into 10 heat races. The top 60 in points, finishing positions with the addition of passing points, advance to Friday’s four 20 lap A-Main qualifiers.  The top three in each of these events transfer directly to Saturday night’s $5,000 to win A-Main.

Finishing positions and passing points from Friday will then set the line-ups for Saturday’s events for the remainder of the drivers who fail to finish in the top three on night one.

The drivers with the least points will begin Saturday’s program, sponsored by Custom Built Product, in one of two F-Mains that transfer the top four to the back of those assigned to the E-Main. This process continues with each letter until the B-Main top finishers fill-out the field for Saturday night’s A-Main.

The USAC East Coast Sprint Series influence on the East Coast Dirt Nationals goes far deeper than Danner and Bright.

Joey Amatea of Mt. Pocono PA was fourth in USAC Series points, Ed Aikin of Lincoln University, PA was fifth, Kenny Miller, III of Morgantown, PA who figured in the sensational 2020 East Coast Dirt Nationals, was sixth in 2022 points, and Christian Bruno of Deptford, NJ was tenth. All have filed entries for the East Coast Dirt Nationals.

Racing is returning to the Cure Insurance Arena after a two year hiatus due to gathering restrictions duirng the health emergency.    Those who were in attendance at the 2020 Indoor race are still talking about the improbable result.

Jon Keller of Salem, NJ, left fans speechless and wanting more in 2020 after he started dead last in the 40 lap A-Main and captured the victory with a last lap pass.

Starting in the F-Main would seem like a  worthless proposition. But in the last running of the race in 2020, Jon Keller of Mannington Twp., N.J. flipped on Friday, then rebounded on Saturday to transfer through the alphabet from F to the A-Main and then pulled off the stunning victory.

Kenny Miller, who lost the lead to Keller on the final lap in 2020, has entered the race looking for  redemption in 2023 driving a car owned by Lou Cicconi, Jr.

Additional event sponsorship opportunities  are available and being actively sought to help support the event.  This includes and entry level program for just $250. Interested parties should contact Danny Sammons at 609-888-3618 or via e-mail at

For more information visit the series website

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